Sunday 29th July 2018

Helmingham Hall, Suffolk
Suffolk Dog Day 2013 812

Dog Classes

With lots of different classes for everyone to have chosen from, Suffolk Dog Day 2017 had something for each and every one of your furry friends, including the chance to show case your fabulous breed of dog in our 10th Birthday Breed Parades! 




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11am           BREED PARADE 1 – LABRADOODLE (9th place)

11.15am      Best Pedigree

11.45am      BREED PARADE 2 – JACK RUSSELL (7th place)

12pm           ‘Two of A Kind’ best matching pair: Ring A and ‘Mix n Match’ most different pair: Ring B 

12.30pm      BREED PARADE 3 – COCKER SPANIEL (5th place)

12.45pm      INTERVAL

1.15pm        ‘Long and Short of It’ - Best Short Coat: Ring A and Best Long Coat: Ring B

1.45am        BREED PARADE 4 – COCKAPOO (3rd place)

2pm             Suffolk’s Next Top Model Female (Big and Small breeds judged together)

2.40pm        Suffolk’s Next Top Model Male (Big and Small breeds judged together)

3.20pm        ‘For Your Eyes Only’ - Female dogs: Ring A and Male dogs: Ring B

3.55pm        BREED PARADE 5 – GREYHOUND (1st place)

4.30pm       Jewel in the Crown – Best In Show

5pm            close


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10.45am      BREED PARADE 1 – BORDER COLLIE (10th place)

11am           Bad Hair Day

11.25am      BREED PARADE 2 – KING CHARLES SPANIEL (8th place)

11.40am      Best Fancy Dress

12.05pm     BREED PARADE 3 – BEAGLE (6th place)

12.20pm     INTERVAL

12.50pm     Best Movement

1.15pm      Best Rescue

1.40pm      Puppies

2.05pm      BREED PARADE 4 – TIBETAN TERRIER (4th place)

2.20pm     Junior Handler

2.45pm     Best Crossbreed

3.10pm     BREED PARADE 5 – LABRADOR of all colours (2nd place)

3.30pm    Dog with the Waggiest Tail

3.55pm    That’s The One For Me

4.25pm    close

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