Suffolk Dog Day is organised and run by Suffolk Community Foundation and a whole host of dedicated volunteers, with the main aim to raise funds to give back into the local community.

If you’re a regular woofer, you may already recognise some of the familiar faces, but we thought it was time to meet some of the Suffolk Community Foundation team and their dogs! Let’s see what their plans are for the festive season, and what they’re looking forward to in the New Year…


Andrea Pittock is Suffolk Community Foundation’s Head of Grant Programmes and when she’s not kept busy in the office with assessing grants and supporting organisations across Suffolk with their grant applications, her energetic cockapoo Barney keeps her on her toes!

What’s your favourite dog walk around Suffolk?

At weekends we love to head to the Newbourne Fox pub, for the walk around there – this came recommended by Essential Suffolk magazine in their ‘Walks with Darcy’ feature, which makes a fab read for local dog owners! But most mornings, myself and Barney take a march around Christchurch Park in Ipswich, we know it so well there!

What are you most looking forward to about Suffolk Dog Day/Woofers Winter Walk next year?

Sadly with Suffolk Dog Day cancelled this year, the excitement of the new Woofers Winter Walk in March will be a great opportunity for some of those dog lovers to get together sooner than they expected!

What treats will Barney be getting in his doggy stocking this Christmas?

We always make sure Barney gets a stocking, with the all-important Christmassy doggy treats included – don’t tell him, he also has an extra special new teddy bear under the tree this year too, mainly because he seems to be carrying my Father Christmas decoration around a lot at the minute…


Tim Holder is Head of Public Affairs for Suffolk Community Foundation…and with his partner Gary Avis returned to live in their home county of Suffolk 5 years ago, bringing Ella and Louis with them. There then seemed to be space for one more – Hoagy joined the clan soon after!

What’s your favourite dog walk around Suffolk?

We love living in the countryside and our dogs enjoy lots of space at home in our garden, as well as all the country walks around our village. But what they love most is a run on the beach, even though Ella and Louis are pensioners now, they still go crazy.

What are you most looking forward to about Woofers Winter Walk next year?

Our big summer event, Suffolk Dog Day on 28th July 2019, will be a special one…. coming back with a fantastic bang, after it’s sad cancellation this summer. But, there will be something really lovey about visiting Helmingham all together during a different season. All dressed in coats and scarves!

What treats will your dogs be getting in their doggy stocking this Christmas?

It’s virtually Christmas day every day of the year for our spoiled pooches, but they will undoubtedly have a few extra presents on the day. They love a big family gathering, they’ll have more laps to sit on!



Jade Wilding is the Foundation’s Finance & Data Officer and is joined in the office every day by her cocker spaniel Ella.

What’s your favourite dog walk around Suffolk?

Our favourite walk is from Waldringfield along the River Deben towards Woodbridge. Ella loves watching the ducks and paddling in the water while we enjoy the beautiful views across the river and lunch in the pub afterwards.

What are you most looking forward to about Woofers Winter Walk next year?

Ella missed Suffolk Dog Day this summer, so is really looking forward to exploring the grounds of Helmingham Hall again sooner than we expected. We are hoping for a lovely sunny winter day – or even snow!

What treats will Ella be getting in her doggy stocking this Christmas?

Gravy bones, carrots (she loves veggies!) and more cuddly toys to add to her collection.


Laura Ripman is the Foundation’s Events & Marketing Officer. The new arrival of adorable black labrador puppy Sky just this weekend, has been the perfect Christmas present for all her family.

Why did you choose a Labrador?

Both my husband and I grew up with black labs in our families, and always knew that we’d love to own one ourselves when the time was right! Our children are now a perfect age for us all to really enjoy this amazing puppy stage… it is day four, and Sky is settling in well to her new home!

What is it about Suffolk Dog Day that makes this day out so special, and now you have a pup of your own, will she be joining the fun on 28th July?

It really is an event that brings all dog lovers together – everyone seems to have such fun and always in such high doggy spirits!

Although I’ll be working on the day itself, I can’t wait for my kids to be able to now have a dog of their own to bring along – they are much looking forward to entering Designer Dog Best Dressed class and Young Handler! It really is a great day out for all the family…

What treats will Sky be getting in her doggy stocking this Christmas?

Well, we are quickly learning that she loves to play (and chew!) with all that she finds on the floor! Anything that squeaks seems to be a big hit! We’ve already purchased a squeaky Christmas cracker dog toy… and will definitely be getting her more of those fabulous Kong dog toys. They seem to keep her occupied for ages, with little hidden puppy treats inside.

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